How We Work
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The Process

How we do what we do…..

Here at Kitchens of the desert we believe the process is as important as the final product.  We do our homework and take no shortcuts.  To approach your project otherwise would be to compromise the end result.


Before we start scratching-out designs, we study traffic patterns and personal preferences, focusing on function first.  We consider what type of cooking you do – formal or casual, sit down or self serve.  Do you entertain often, or do you even cook? These and a myriad of other details provide us the necessary to understand your lifestyle and needs.  Determining how you will move and utilize the space helps us establish structural placements and traffic flow according to a natural logic.


A kitchen should inspire.  It should delight your senses, tickle your imagination and exude a sense of style that is indisputably your own.  Our goal is to create a space that becomes an extension of you and provides the inspiration for your culinary creations.  Whether that be a frozen pizza or a 6 course meal for 10.  Our kitchens are designed to make a dazzling statement at first impression, revealing exquisite nuances at closer inspection.  A room adorned with subtle little surprises at every turn.  We believe a properly designed kitchen should never stop impressing you. 


Beauty is in the details.  And nothing is more beautiful than a wonderfully crafted space.  Our master cabinet makers have been selected precisely with that in mind.  Their workmanship speaks for itself.  Their willingness to allow us to continually redefine custom speaks to a shared desire to create only the best.  Every element of the design and building structure is meticulously inspected, and re-inspected.  We do this out of necessity and personal pride in our work.  We aren’t just cobbling together a design we’ve installed dozens of times for multitudes of other clients.  We have never created your kitchen before.  In fact, the kitchen we design for you is like no other in the world. 

Working along side your architect, interior designer, builder or you the client, we’ll create a kitchen that produces rave reviews as well as a meal.  Bring us your favorite color, a special image, a complete file folder of clippings saved for a lifetime.  We will interpret all your desires into a kitchen that is exactly as you always wanted.  An original work of highly functional art created especially for your family’s lifestyle!